Saturday, October 3, 2009


I really miss my grandma...
The sound of her voice, her smell, her face, just everything.... and it scares me when I recall memories. I'm afraid that one day I'll forget. I try to right them down.

The cold weather reminds me of the weeks right before, and after, she passed away. The October months... when the daily weather starts getting questionable... reminds me of when I went to the cardiologist with her. She was so proud to tell the doctor that I was her granddaughter.... even when the doctor didn't have the best news... my grandma didn't let it faze her.

When I brace myself in cold air, I am taken back to those days. Its like  a seasonal depression for me.... from the beginning of october... until january. I just can't help but relive those momets that not only shook me...  but shaped me as well.

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