Wednesday, September 9, 2009

It it was all up to me...

If I were the boss here...

I'd say "hello/good morning" to my employees every day when I come in, and "bye/goodnight" every night before I leave.

I would make an effort to say "Thank you" to each employee at least once a month.

I would make it mandatory for me to show gratitude for anyone working some extra hours.

I'd buy lunch for any one working an extra day.

I will ask my employees before scheduling them overtime.

All Fridays would be casual- along with holidays.

I'd schedule myself to work their shift at least once a month to remind me why I do my job.

Acknowledging my employees' family members passing by would be a must because I'd like to show them respect.

Firm respect-filled handshakes will be given at least once a month to every employee.

Social gatherings would happen at least once every two months, I'd help plan them too.

I'd have each employee fill out a performance review for me as I would for them... and I'd even let it be anonymous.

ice-breakers and getting-to-know-you exercises/games would take place once a month.

I would make an effort to get to know my employees outside of work, and not in an awkward way at all.

I'd celebrate all accomplishments big and small... like getting through a busy week while being short-staffed.

I'd smile more.

I would give everyone a chance to be heard.

I'd pay very close attention to my employees emotions and respond to them accordingly.

No one would have an employee number because thats what names are for.

My employees lifelines would be the priority over the bottom lines.

Responding to e-mails from my subordinates would be at the top of my to-do list.

Every employee would get a holiday gift from me.

I'd get a cake for everyone's birthday.

anyone leaving the department or the company would b required to write me one paragraph of constructive criticism.

... that's only if I were in charge here.

"Every day your company's greatest asset walks out the door, but what brings them back the next day?"

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